Program Council Jobs & Internships

Please read before applying.

To apply to one of the listed positions below, please download and complete the following:

  • Program Council staff application (found at bottom of page)
  • Cover letter
  • Resume

You must attach all three in order to be considered for a position. Please either email all documents to the staff member listed in the posting or bring it into our office.

Experience in Program Council’s Street Team and/or Production Crew is highly valued in all applicants.

Application is linked at the bottom of this page.


 Current Job Positions


We are currently seeking applicants for the Program Council Director position. The position will begin training starting in  December of 2017 with training continuing throughout next semester. Please read over the job description for the Director and email your resume, cover letter and application to Applications must be submitted by November  10th at noon.

Responsibilities include:

Coordinate and oversee day to day operations in Program Council

  • Schedule and run weekly staff meetings and department head meetings.
  • Maintain a master calendar of events.
  • Establish and maintain strong programming and operational goals.
  • Recommend and implement policies and procedures governing Program Council programs and services.

Be financially responsible for Program Council budget

  • Assist in the preparation of the annual Program Council budget request.
  • Fiscally responsible for overseeing the Program Council budget and ensures budget goals are met.
  • Develop and maintain a strong working relationship with CSI and UMC Business office to facilitate day to day financial accounting matters.
  • Draft timely budgets for every event and oversee that projected revenue/expenses are met.  After each event has concluded, an accurate final statement and event evaluation will be completed and made available in a timely fashion.

Supervise staff

  • Oversee the hiring and training of new Program Council student staff.
  • Supervise and evaluate all staff members.
  • Assure that learning opportunities are provided for all student staff.

Book, plan, execute and manage day of show operations for all major Program Council events/comedy shows/concerts

  • Book concerts and events including the annual Welcomefest and Homecoming concerts.
  • Learn/practice the processes and ins and outs of booking/talent buying
  • Understand budgeting for each planned event
  • Staying up to date with current trending artists in the music industry as well as among the CU demographic and Denver/Boulder demographic
  • Upkeep relationships among agents from booking agencies such as Paradigm, WME, APA, CAA and Gotham Artists
  • Overseeing/executing contractual elements of each show
  • Outreach and purchasing with vendors/providers for resources needed for each event
  • Work with campus admin to gain proper approvals for each event
  • Develop, present and collaborate event proposals and contracts.
  • Follow the guidelines of the contract approval process.
  • Oversee planning and production details (venue logistics, Run of Day, tickets, promotion, advertising, security, production, artist relations, etc.)
  • Establish and maintain good communication with any/all agents, artists and resource persons connected with any event to insure the maximum coordination among all involved individuals and departments.
  • Work alongside outside promoters such as Z2, AEG or Live Nation to plan, coordinate and produce rentals and/or co-promotes in various locations around campus.
  • Ensures all State and University policies and procedures are adhered to.

Serve as the Program Council representative

  • Serve as ex-officio member of the CSI Board
  • Serve as Program Council representative on the CUSG Homecoming Coalition  
  • Attend various campus community building initiatives as assigned
  • Continue to improve Program Council’s image/reputation on campus by developing a communication strategy with student organizations, administrators and University departments.

Assist in designing and leading leadership and business skill development activates from staff members, through the following potential activities and events:

  • Semesterly Program Council retreats
  • Leadership and business skill workshops throughout the year.
  • I-LEAD conference
  • Organizational activities

Position Requirements

  •       Current CU Boulder student with at least 1-1.5 academic years left (No future abroad students)
  •         Strong interest in the entertainment industry and planning concerts and other events – some experience in this area is strongly preferred
  •         Organized, diligent, with high level problem solving skills
  •         Event planning experience management experience
  •         Personable with excellent relationship management skills
  •         Teachable and passionate willingness to learn and train on skills unknown prior
  •         Available to work 20 – 30 hour weeks

Assistant Production Director

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining a Production Crew and providing technicians for all PC concerts and special events.
  • Take Production orders and coordinate productions.
  • Develop a production show for to assist with others
  • Continue to implement a pre-post invoice system
  • Supervise Tech Advisor
  • Hold 5-10 office hours a week not including meetings
  • Plan and implement student group events.
  • Maintain all of PC’s lighting and sound equipment to industry standards.
  • Train crews to run both sound and lighting systems.

Email Amber or Ely for any questions or application submissions.


Production Crew

Program Council’s Production Crew works under the Production Director and the Assistant Production Manager. Members of Production Crew perform day-of-show activities needed to put on the best show, including set-up, take-down, and operation of production equipment. The Production Crew is responsible for both large scale events and small concerts.

Email Amber for any position related questions or application submissions.


Security Crew

Members of Program Council’s Security Crew are vital in ensuring a secure, enjoyable environment at all of Program Council’s events. Whether it be a film screening, a small concert in Club 156, or a large event on Farrand Field, Security Crew is always needed to keep both artists and attendees safe.

Email Jackson for any position related questions or application submissions.

PC Staff Application