Program Council Jobs & Internships

Please read before applying.

To apply to one of the listed positions below, please download and complete the following:

  • Program Council staff application (found at bottom of page)
  • Cover letter
  • Resume

You must attach all three in order to be considered for a position. Please either email all documents to the staff member listed in the posting or bring it into our office.

Experience in Program Council’s Street Team and/or Production Crew is highly valued in all applicants.


 Current Job Positions

Club 156 Manager & Talent Buyer


  • Schedule, book, and plan concerts, events, and rentals in Club 156.
  • Assist in stage management and production activities for both large & small scale events.
  • Work with marketing department to promote upcoming events in Club 156.
  • Work with PC production staff and volunteers for marketing purposes and to ensure events run smoothly.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Regulate prices and negotiate equipment rentals.
  • Manage relations between Program Council and UMC staff.
  • Be familiar with Program Council production equipment.
  • Attend weekly Program Council staff meetings.
  • Be willing to work hours outside of set office and Club 156 event hours to assist at Program Council events in Old Main, Glenn Miller Ballroom, and anywhere else Program Council in involved.
  • Be incredibly familiar with local Boulder music scene and work to create events that display Boulder’s wide variety of musical cultures.

Avg Hours/Week: 12 hours/week. A set office schedule will be developed at the beginning of the semester that includes hours between 10am-5pm, Monday thru Friday. During events/concerts, hours will increase. Some evenings and nights will be required.

Required Skills

  • Must be currently seeking a degree in a CU Boulder program.
  • Proficiency in MS Office, email, and Internet use.
  • Excellent ability to clearly and expertly communicate in written English with correct spelling and grammar and in English.
  • Organization skills to plan and coordinate activities for marketing department

Email Haasini for any position related questions or application submissions.


Production Crew

Program Council’s Production Crew works under the Production Director and the Assistant Production Manager. Members of Production Crew perform day-of-show activities needed to put on the best show, including set-up, take-down, and operation of production equipment. The Production Crew is responsible for both large scale events and small concerts.

Email Amber for any position related questions or application submissions.


Security Crew

Members of Program Council’s Security Crew are vital in ensuring a secure, enjoyable environment at all of Program Council’s events. Whether it be a film screening, a small concert in Club 156, or a large event on Farrand Field, Security Crew is always needed to keep both artists and attendees safe.

Email Jackson for any position related questions or application submissions.

PC Staff Application