The Gold List VIP Membership

Do you love concerts, movies and comedy? How about discounts to shows and front of line privileges?  Sounds good right? Well the Program Council Gold List VIP program is for you. For only $10, you’ll save on concert tickets, free entry into Club 156 shows*, food at local restaurants  and other entertainment outlets around the Boulder area. You will also get special treatment at our events and be entered  in for a chance to win exclusive membership rewards, such as autographed posters, meet and greets and so much more. You’ll get your money’s worth by just coming in and getting your promo package which includes a t-shirt, your member card, and many other promotional items.

How do I get this you ask? Here’s how: When you are registering for classes at CU Boulder you will be asked about a couple different CU organizations that host VIP programs as well (You cannot skip this page, it comes up for all students). You will get to the one that asks about the Program Council VIP program. If you would like to get all the benefits of this pass for only $10, click the yes button. This $10 charge will go to your bursars account through the university and there is no need to put in any credit card information. Simple as that!

If you are interested in becoming a member or have any questions regarding the VIP program please call our office at 303-492-7704 or stop in at UMC 401!



* Program Council reserves the right to close off free admission to any Club 156 shows as it deems necessary. Free entry does not include private events held outside of Program Council. While most shows for Gold List members are free, it is a good idea to check before showing up

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