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Staff Directory

Kristen Salo Advisor 303.492.0656
Kelsey Gonzalez Director 303.492.7705
Sean Flynn Production Director 303.492.7728
Katie Gumble Assistant Production Director 303.492.7728
Nyall Cook Talent Buyer and Club 156 Manager 303.492.8619
Matt MacFarlane Business Manager 303.492.4781
Bryan Bakke Marketing Director 303.492.2100
Aaron Rogers Public Relations Director 303.492.2100
Boneth Ahaneku Promotions Director 303.492.6826
Maddy Fendell Film Series 303.492.5458
Moh Jamato Graphic Designer 303.492.2100
Jon Bunnell Security Director 303.492.7704
Tim Carolan Old Main Technical Director 303.492.7389


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