Having been a part of the CU campus in one form or another since 1953, Program Council remains an essential organization catering to the students needs with both entertainment and other services.

Program Council is best known for putting on numerous concerts over the years. PC has hosted acts such as the Rolling Stones, Dave Matthew’s Band, Pearl Jam, R.E.M, the Ramones and many others. We have the ability to book the biggest name bands around to play at places such as Folsom Field, and give new bands a chance as well, at our smallest venue, Club 156.

Program Council may also be recognized for its impressive Film Series department. Everything from yet to be released movies to cult classics are being shown at various places around campus.

Mission Statement

The University of Colorado Program Council is a student-run organization that provides affordable, high quality, face-rocking, entertainment and professional event support for the Boulder campus community. Through scheduling, facilitating, and producing events, Program Council offers educational opportunities for students to gain experience and insight into the entertainment industry.


The University of Colorado Program Council has been around since the 1950’s, and since then has had a complicated and exciting history. Learn more about the organization’s fascinating past.